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Up and Down

Tl;dr Horrible time of everything saved by awesomest weekend in a long time.

I have been stressed. So fucking beyond hopefully stressed, to the point it's messing up my periods and making me supremely depressed. Work is nuts, this is our busiest time so of course the company decided that that was the best possible time to also start launching a whole bunch of new initiatives--take the time that is the Most Busy for calls coming in, and start changing a ton of stuff to make more people call us. Smart. I get a call every 12 seconds--that is to say, after one call, I get 12 seconds to compose before the next one--and most people only get 6. I get 12 because one of my extra skillsets requires more notes to be left. We get about 8 minutes of "not ready" and 10 minutes of "log off" a day for doing whatever work we need before it messes up our schedule adherence, and because it is so busy and "all hands on deck", we cannot get any off-phone scheduled time to do work (normally we can request 10, 15, 20, however many minutes we need to complete work, and they'll book us a time slot to do it.) So if we have work to get done, we can either try to hammer it out in those 6-12 seconds between calls, squeeze it in those 18 minutes a day we get, or do overtime. I've also been to physio a bunch to fix the hot mess that is my right wrist due to the nonstop keyboard and mouse hopping from being so busy at work. It's only been twice a week and now we're down to once every two weeks, but I don't get home til 7-8 on those nights which makes me feel even more tired.

I've also been exhausted because my weekends have been filled with a variety of social engagements, mostly just family stuff for my sib's birthdays and stuff but still exhausting when all I've had much desire to do is flop and sleep and play videogames and maybe weep miserably. The handful of plans I've been genuinely interested in have either ended up being modified the day-of, or outright botched, and the constant soggy cold weather is finally draining on my patience for winter.

It is a statement to how stressed and unhappy I am that I wasn't even the remotest bit excited for the concert this past weekend until about 2 days before. Serena Ryder played at the Rebecca Cohn on the 2nd and 3rd, and my dad had got Amy and I tickets for Saturday night. Normally I'd be pumped for this, but I didn't get really stoked until around Thursday. Side note, if you do not know who Serena Ryder is holy shit go google her or buy Harmony or something because dear sweet god you are missing out. Though if you listen to the radio at all on any kind of rock or pop of "lite" station you have probably heard "Stompa" at some point.

And then Friday morning, Amy texted me and told me she had entered and won!!! a radio contest on one of our local radio stations, for tickets to Sunday night's concert, a copy of her new album (which I already had for Christmas but still) and a backstage meet and greet.


Saturday night's show was amazing, AMAZING. My god can she sing. Absolutely mind-blowing. I've seen her before and it blows me away every time, though this was the first time seeing her perform with a full band--it's always been her and an acoustic guitar before. I'm not even sure if the Melissa Etheridge concert 2 years ago left me feeling this stupidfuckinghappy. There was dancing, I screamed myself hoarse, and I couldn't wait to do it all over again Sunday night! We also got t-shirts, because we both have a horrible weakness for band merch.

On Sunday night we met the radio people in the auditorium lobby, and then they took us back stage and we got to meet her. I would like to say I was totally chill, seeings how I should be used to musicians by now what with my dad and all, but I was definitely nervous as balls, and then she came in and I probably swooned a little bit. I was definitely being super dorky and awkward and giddy but so was Amy so I don't feel as bad. There were only about 9 people total, us, the radio station people and record label guy, and some friends or family of theirs. She is *adorable* and seemed super genuinely happy to meet us, and everybody got pictures and signed posters and CDs and she told us she'd be looking for us in the crowd. Amy and I made sure to be the first ones up dancing in our section when she played Stompa later.

Tonight has been poop because of dentist and crappy buses and insanely stressful work again, but I've been listening to Serena Ryder songs on my phone pretty much every opportunity and they are making me silly happy again.

But yeah, that was my awesome weekend.
whee, me, peggy's cove

Hey thar everyone.

My life has changed so much.

I wasn't expecting this at all. Half my life is on my old LJ--at least, the half of my life that was actually interesting.

But I've been cutting a lot of loose ends off lately, and I think...it was time for a change.

So here's to new beginnings.
Here's to getting my head all sorted out, and not going crazy.
Here's to friends.
Here's to life being a rotten bitch.

And here's to not caring, and keeping your head up anyway.

...I hope.

Comment to be added, anybody coming over from the old one.
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